As one of the country's and world's best debating societies, we're proud of the achievements that our members make. There's no competition too small or too grand for us and you will see us regularly (usually every weekend) at debating competitions across the UK. We also send teams every year to the European and World University Debating Championships - wherever in the world they may be held. Not only does this give our debaters the opportunity to debate with some of the best minds from top universities across the world but it also allows them to travel and immerse themselves in other cultures.

We hope you can be a part of our achievements too, whether that be as a member or a Business Partner.

T = Best Speaker at Competition

A = Warwick Alumni Speaking Partner

C = Not Warwick Speaking Partner


Speaking Breaks:



Judging Breaks:

Imperial Open Final: Lucie Slamova

Imperial Novices Semi-Final: Dan Wood



Competitions Won:




Speaking Breaks:

KCL Pro-Am Semi-Finalists (Weronika Lurka/ Rafael Shimabukuro)

NAMDA Novice Finalists (Rubel AhmedT/ Stephen Ku)

Birmingham ESL Novice Finalists (Annika Stechemesser/ Stephen Ku)

Cambridge IV Quarter-finalists (Valerie Lim Xuan/ Freddie Marshall)

Cambridge IV ESL Semi-Finalists (Rafael Shimabukuro/ Lucie Slamova)

Sheffield IV Semi-Finalists (Benjamin Joe/ Lucie SlamovaT)

Sheffield IV Semi-Finalists (Joshua Varughese/ Weronika Lurka)

Birmingham IV Semi-Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Tommy CaveC)

Birmingham IV Novice Finalists (Stephen Ku/ George DuncanC)

LSE Pro-Am Finalists (Sophie Erschen/ Steven Ramesh RajavinothanA)

York IV Finalists (Georgie Friend/ Craig McDonaldC)

York IV Finalists (Joshua Varughese/ Lucie Slamova)

Bath Pro-Am Finalists (Joshua Varughese/ Benjamin Joe)

LSE Open ESL Finalists (Rafael Shimabukuro/ Lucie Slamova)

NAMDA Women's Finalists (Sophie Erschen/ Lucie Slamova)

Cardiff Open Finalists (Sophie Erschen/ Rafael Shimabukuro)

Glasgow Women's Semi-Finalists (Lucie Slamova/ Jacklin KwanC)

Imperial IV Semi-Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Craig McDonaldC)

KCL Open ESL Finalists (Lucie Slamova/ Rafael Shimabukuro)

Judging Breaks:

UCL President's Cup Non-Schools Final and Final: Freddie Marshall (Novice Final Chair)

Imperial Novice Final: Freddie Marshall (Unused)

Imperial Novice Semi-Final: Valerie Lim Xuan (CA), Lucie Slamova (Chair), Freddie Marshall

Imperial Novice Non-Schools Final: Didar Tutan, Georgie Friend (Unused)

KCL Pro-Am Final: Freddie Marshall

KCL Pro-Am Semi-Final: Lucie Slamova, Freddie Marshall

NAMDA Novice Semi-Final and Final: Alex Cowan, Lucie Slamova

Birmingham Schools Final: Benjamin Joe, Georgie Friend (CA, unused)

Birmingham ESL Novice Final: Rafael Shimabukuro, Lucie Slamova

Cambridge Women's Open Final: Lucie Slamova

Warwick Schools Novice Final: Zack Ellis, Joshua Varughese

Warwick Schools Final: Alex Cowan, Lucie Slamova

LSE Women's Open Final: Lucie Slamova

Birmingham IV Novice Final: Georgie Friend

Birmingham IV Semi-Final: Lucie Slamova

York IV Final: Raghav Mehta

UCL Schools Final: Georgie Friend

Queen Mary IV Pro-Am Final: Valerie Lim Xuan

Warwick IV Novice Final: Rafael Shimabukuro, Lucie Slamova, Freddie Marshall (unused)

Manchester Schools Final: Georgie Friend

Manchester IV Quarter-Final: Valerie Lim Xuan (chair), Lucie Slamova

Manchester IV Semi-Final: Valerie Lim Xuan

Manchester IV Pro-Am Final: Lucie Slamova

Manchester IV Final: Valerie Lim Xuan

Lancaster IV Final: Georgie Friend (chair)

Lancaster IV Pro-Am Final: Oscar Smitheman

Liverpool IV Pro-Am Final: Georgie Friend, Lucie Slamova (chair)

Hull No Notes Final: Georgie Friend (chair)

Imperial IV Semi-Final: Sophie Erschen

Competitions Won:

Birmingham ESL Novice Joshua VarugheseT/ Weronika Lurka

NAMDA Women's Georgie Friend/ Cora Neumann


Speaking Breaks:

NAMDA Novice Semi-Finalists (George Stanley/ Nick HillC)

KCL IV Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Amir Hamza)

Birmingham ESL Novice Finalists (Cora Neumann/ Azim Haziq Radzali)

Cambridge Women's Finalists (Valerie Lim Xuan/ Melda ErenC)

Sheffield IV Semi-Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Amir Hamza)

NAMDA Women's Finalists (Anna Gildenberg/ Georgie Friend)

Birmingham IV Semi-Finalists (Georgie Friend/ Jamie BarossA)

York IV Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Shaq Scott-DavisC)

LSE Open ESL Finalists (Ioana Stanciu/ Victor IonC)

LSE Open ESL Semi-Finalists (Lucie Slamova/ Rafael Shimabukuro)

Manchester IV ESL Finalists (Ioana Stanciu/ Victor IonC)

Manchester IV Semi-Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Jonathan White)

IIUM Asians Semi-Finalists (Valerie Lim Xuan/ Andrew SeowC/ Farhan MusaC)

Cardiff Open Finalists (Lucie Slamova/ Freddie Marshall)

Bath Pro-Am Finalists (Alex Cowan/ Freddie MarshallT)

Cracow Open Finalists (Valerie Lim Xuan/ Jonas No SjølundC)

KCL Open Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Nick ZervoudisA)

Asia-Pacific Uni BP Novice Quarter-Finalists (Vincent Loh/ Tan Hao JuanC)

Judging Breaks:

Imperial Novice Non-Schools Final: Jonathan White

Imperial Novice Final: Georgie Friend

NAMDA Novice Semi-Final: Rafael Shimabukuro

Hong Kong Debate Open Semi-Final and Final: Valerie Lim Xuan (DCA)

Birmingham Schools Final: Georgie Friend, Anna Gildenberg

Birmingham ESL Novice Final: Georgie Friend

Warwick Schools Final: Amir Hamza, Freddie Marshall

Warwick Schools Novice Final: Kenneth Bugembe, Rafael Shimabukuro, Georgie Friend

Oxford IV Novice Final: Valerie Lim Xuan

China BP Semi-Final: Valerie Lim Xuan

Warwick IV Final: Georgie Friend, Valerie Lim Xuan

Queen Mary IV Semi-Final: Lucie Slamova, Georgie Friend

Queen Mary IV Final: Valerie Lim Xuan (DCA), Freddie Marshall

Nordic Schools Debating Championship Semi-Final: Rafael Shimabukuro

Cardiff Open Final: Georgie Friend (Unused)

Shanghai Open (SIDO) Novice Final: Valerie Lim Xuan

Bath Pro-Am Final: Lucie Slamova (Chair)

LSE Asians Quarter-Final: Valerie Lim Xuan (Chair/CA)

Novi Sad EUDC Partial Octo-Final: Freddie Marshall

Competitions Won:

NAMDA Novice (Amy Wang/ Joe Kelen)

Birmingham ESL Novice (Rafael ShimabukuroT/ Lucie Slamova)


Speaking Breaks:

ISIC Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Daniel Jovič)

UCL President’s Cup Semi-finalists (Louise Södergren/ Alexandru Giurgea)

UCL President’s Cup Semi-finalists (Ivaylo Shirokanski/ Aleksandar Venchev)

SOAS IV Quarter-finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Katrin FallmanESLT)

NAMDA Novice Finalists (Yemi Adeola/ Isher SinghESLT)

Bimingham ESL Novice Finalists (Isher Singh/Danielle Yap)

Birmingham ESL Novice Finalists (Iwani Farzana)

Sheffield IV Semi-finalists (Katrin Fallman/ Hugo Cheyne)

Birmingham IV Semi-finalists (Ivaylo Shirokanski/ Radko NedyalkovC)

Dutch Debating Winter School Tournament Semi-finalists (Freddie MarshallT/Katrin Fallman)

Bristol Pro-Am Finalists (Freddie Marshall/Amir Hamza)

John Smith Memorial Mace English Leg Pro-Am Final (Georgie Friend/ Najma Ahmed)

Lancaster IV Pro-Am Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Yemi Adeola)

Cardiff Open Pro-Am Finalists (Amir Hamza/ Nick ZervoudisA)

Aberystwyth Open Finalists (Freddie MarshallT/ Dean FoleyC)

Oxford Women’s Semi-finalists (Georgie Friend/ Katrin Fallman)

Bristol Open Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Matthew CreeseC)

Pazardzhik Open Finalists (Ivaylo ShirokanskiT/Aleksandar Venchev)

SOAS Open Semi-Finalists (Freddie Marshall/ Craig McDonaldC)

Judging Breaks:

ISIC Final: Katrin Fallman (Chair)

UCL President’s Cup Novice Final: Katrin Fallman

Imperial Open Semi-Final: Sunneth Lawrence

Imperial Novice Semi-Final and Final: Freddie Marshall

NAMDA Novice Semi-Final: Anna Gildenberg

NAMDA Novice Final: Eleanor Sowden

Westminster Open Final: Eleanor Sowden

Birmingham Schools Final: Georgie Friend, Mohammed Abraar, Anna Gildenberg, Eleanor Sowden (CA)

Birmingham ESL Novice Final: Adam Place, Anna Gildenberg

Warwick Schools Novice Final: Felix Ling

Warwick Schools Final: Freddie Marshall (unused), Petrus Söderström (unused)

Exeter Pro-Am Final: Freddie Marshall (CA)

Birmingham IV Quarter-Final: Eleanor Sowden

Nottingham Trent Open Semi-Final: Katrin Fallman (CA)

Nottingham Trent Open: Anna Gildenberg (clashed)

Warwick IV Semi-Final: Freddie Marshall

Warwick IV Novice Final: Georgie Friend

Warwick IV Semi-Final and Final: Amir Hamza

Nottingham Schools Open Final: Eleanor Sowden (CA, Chair)

Nottingham Schools Novice Final: Abena Kusi

LSE Open Quarter-Final: Freddie Marshall

John Smith Memorial Mace English Leg Semi-Final: Freddie Marshall

Bristol Schools Final: Jonathan White, Freddie Marshall (CA, unused)

Liverpool IV Semi-Final: Petrus Söderström

BBU Open Semi-Final and Final: Freddie Marshall (Semi-Final Chair)

Competitions Won:

LSE Pro-Am (Isher Singh/ Steven Ramesh RajavinothanA)

Nottingham Trent Open (Freddie Marshall/ Jamie BarossA)

Manchester IV ESL Final (Katrin Fallman/ Alexandru Guirgea)

Aberystwyth Open (Katrin Fallman/ Tommy CaveC)


Speaking Breaks:

KCL IV semi-finalists (Jamie Baross/ Will Spurr)
Birmingham IV quarter-finalists (Maxine Muirhead/ Felix Ling)
Queen Mary IV finalists (Jamie Baross/ Nick ZervoudisA)
English Mace novice finalists (Eleanor Sowden/ Joe Goodhart)

Le Championnat du Monde de Débat FSL Final (Katrin Fallman/ Will Spurr)
Newcastle Mixed Doubles pro-am finalists (Katrin Fallmann/Adam Place)
NAMDA Women’s Finalists (Abena Kusi/Chloe RomanisC)

NCH Sci-fi Open Finalists (Jamie Baross/ Nick ZervoudisA)

Rijecka Open Semi-finalists (Katrin Fallman/ Valtteri Walldén)

Judging Breaks:

UCL Pres Cup Novice Final: Maxine Muirhead (CA)
Birmingham Schools
 Final: Eleanor Sowden
Birmingham ESL Novice Mini Final: Petrus Söderström
Warwick Schools Novice Final: Constanze Fetting, Eleanor Sowden, Jim McKenna
Warwick Schools Final: Ionut Stefan
Bristol Pro-Am Final: Joshua Green
London Pro-Am Final: Jim McKenna
Warwick IV Novice Final: Maxine Muirhead (Chair)
Warwick IV Final: Freddie Marshall
Nottingham Schools Final: Katrin Fallmann
Bristol Schools Final: Freddie Marshall
Manchester IV Quarter-Final: Abena Kusi
Nottingham Open Semi-Final: Eleanor Sowden
Exeter Open Final: Freddie Marshall (Chair)
UCL IV Semi-Final and Quarter FinalFreddie Marshall (Open QF Chair)
Imperial Schools Novice Final: Freddie Marshall
Cardiff Open Novice Final: Katrin Fallmann

Cardiff Open Final: Joshua Green
Durham Schools Final, Novice Final, and Quaterfinal: Maxine Muirhead (QF Chair)
Austrian Schools Debating Championship Semi Final: Katrin Fallmann
Warwick EU Referendum Schools Final: Eleanor Sowden
Romanian National Schools’ Championship Quarter- Final: Ionut Stefan

Competitions Won:

Cardiff Open Novice Final (Abena Kusi/ Jason Yu Shing Hung)
Campeonato Mundial de Debate SSL Final (Katrin Fallmann/ Reinhold KochC)

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Speaking breaks:

Bath Novice IV finalists (Daniel MobayyenT/Chloe McConville)
SOAS IV semi-finalists (Ed Mancey/Roberto Sarrionandia)
SOAS IV quarter-finalists (Rachel Warren/Nick Zervoudis)
Imperial Open finalists (Sian Bedford/Eliot PallotA)
ISIC semi-finalists (Ed Mancey/Alex HarrisC)
NAMDA Novice Cup finalists (Felix Ling/Freddie Marshall)
Sheffield IV semi-finalists (Jamie Baross/Nick Zervoudis)
Birmingham IV finalists (Ed ManceyT/Nick Zervoudis)
Inner Temple IV finalists (Ed Mancey/Maxine Muirhead)
London Pro-Am semi-finalists (Freddie Marshall/Eliot PallotA)
English Mace semi-finalists (Maxine Muirhead/Ed Mancey)
English Mace novice finalists (Dan MobayyenNT/Freddie Marshall)
MRU IV semi-finalists (Ionut Stefan/Petrus Söderström)
Manchester IV Pro-Am finalists (Maxine Muirhead/Jim McKenna)
Manchester IV Pro-Am finalists (Roberto Sarrionandia/Freddie Marshall)
Nottingham Open semi-finalists (George Bainbridge/Matt OldhamC)
UCL IV semi-finalists (Ed Mancey/Dan MobayyenNT)
Royal Holloway Open finalists (Ed Mancey/Alex HarrisC)
Royal Holloway Open finalists (Aparna Chandrasekar/Eliot PallotA)
Copenhagen Open semi-finalists (Constanze Fetting/Ionut Stefan)
Copenhagen Open semi-finalists (Nick Zervoudis/Duncan CroweC)
Bristol Open finalists (Ed Mancey/George Bainbridge)
Newcastle Mixed Doubles finalists  (Ed Mancey/ Maxine Muirhead)
NCH Sci-Fi Open finalists (Nick Zervoudis/ Eleanor KowolC)
SOAS Open finalists (Ed Mancey/ Maxine Muirhead)
Vienna EUDC quarter-finalists (Ed Mancey/ Maxine Muirhead)
Athens Open semi-finalists (Mouhamed Doucoure/ Katrin Fallmann)
Athens Open semi-finalists (Nick Zervoudis/ Zoe AliprantiC)

Judging Breaks:

UCL President’s Cup Semi-Final: Maxine Muirhead, Nick Zervoudis
NAMDA Novice Cup Semi-Final: Ed Mancey (Chair), Asher Pearl, Lamia Loukil, Ionut Stefan
NAMDA Novice Cup Final: Maxine Muirhead (Clashed)
Warwick Schools Novice Final: Maxine Muirhead (Chair), Lamia Loukil
Warwick Schools Final: Aparna Chandrasekar
Birmingham Schools Final: George Bainbridge, Angela Kelly, Sian Bedford
Oxford IV Quarter-Final: Ed Mancey
Yorkshire Novice Cup Ed Mancey (CA, unused)
Welsh Mace Final: Rachel Warren
Westminster Open Semi-Final: Ed Mancey
Sheffield IV Semi-Final: Ionut Stefan
Nottingham Trent Open Semi-Final: Maxine Muirhead (Chair, CA)
York IV Semi-Final: Maxine Muirhead (Chair), Ed Mancey (CA)
Warwick IV Semi-Final: Nick Zervoudis (Chair), Orlando Gardner, Hugh Turner, Roberto Sarrionandia
Warwick IV Final: Ed Mancey (Chair), Maxine Muirhead
Nottingham Schools Novice Final: George Bainbridge (Chair, CA), Sian Bedford
Nottingham Schools  Final: Maxine Muirhead
Lancaster IV Final: Roberto Sarrionandia (Chair, CA)
MRU IV Semi-Final: Orlando Gardner
Manchester IV Quarter-Final and ESL Final: Ed Mancey (ESL Final Chair)
Cardiff Schools Final: Nick Zervoudis (Chair, DCA),  Roberto Sarrionandia (CA), Petrus Söderström
Durham Schools Novice Semi-Final: George Bainbridge
Durham Schools Novice Semi-Final and Open Semi-Final: Nick Zervoudis
Durham Schools Quarter-Final and Open Semi-Final: Maxine Muirhead
Durham Schools Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Grand Final: Ed Mancey (SF Chair)
KCL Pro-Am Semi-Final: Ed Mancey (CA)

Reading No Notes Final: Roberto Sarrionandia (Chair)
Ljubljana IV Semi-Final: Will Spurr

Competitions Won:

Newcastle IV (Ed Mancey/Richard HoppsA)
Nottingham Trent Open (Ed ManceyT/Jack StanleyC)
York IV (Roberto SarrionandiaT/Felix Ling)
MRU IV (Aparna ChandrasekarT/Nick Zervoudis)
Nottingham Open (Ed Mancey/Amanda MoorghenC)
Copenhagen Open (Ed Mancey/Erik ThompsonA)
Aberystwyth Open (Roberto SarrionandiaT/James WoodA)


Speaking breaks:

Edinburgh Cup finalists (Roberto Sarrionandia/Oskar AveryC)
UCL President’s Cup semi-finalists (Maxine Muirhead/David Wolffe)
SOAS IV semi-finalists (Roberto Sarrionandia/George Bainbridge)
UK Debate Challenge semi-finalists (Ed Mancey/James Wood)
Bristol Pro-Am semi-finalists (Ed Mancey/Mateen Qadri)
Sheffield IV finalists (Anirudh Ravishankar/James Wood)
Birmingham IV finalists (Ed Mancey/James Wood)
Nottingham Trent Open finalists (Ed Mancey/James CloughC)
York IV semi-finalists (Nick Zervoudis/Jamie Baross)
York IV finalists (Roberto Sarrionandia/Maxine Muirhead)
York IV finalists (Ed Mancey/George Bainbridge)
Manchester IV semi-finalists (George Bainbridge/James Wood)
GUU Ancients Open finalists (James Wood/Joe DyerC)
Nottingham IV semi-finalists (Aparna Chandrasekar/Elena KarvounisA)
Nottingham IV finalists (Ed Mancey/Jordan AndersonC)
UCL IV finalists (Eliot Pallot/Ed Mancey)
Liverpool IV finalists (Ed Mancey/Maxine Muirhead)
Heriot-Watt Open finalists (James Wood/Matthew OldhamC)
Aberystwyth Open finalists (Ed Mancey/Roberto Sarrionandia)
Aberystwyth Open finalists (James Wood/Kate BrooksC)
Kent IV finalists (James Wood/Sarah McConaghy)
Hull Open finalists (Eliot Pallot/Rhys WalkerA)
Oxford Women’s Open semi-finalists (Rachel Warren/Abigail PalmerC)
Newcastle Mixed Doubles Open finalists (Roberto Sarrionandia/Becky MontacuteC)
Durham Open finalists (Roberto Sarrionandia/Jordan AndersonC)
Westminster IV finalists (Ed Mancey/Eliot Pallot)
Athens Open finalists (Nick Zervoudis/John TsopanisC)

Judging Breaks:

UCL President’s Cup Final: Ed Mancey (DCA)
SOAS IV ESL Final: Nick Zervoudis
NAMDA Novice Cup Semi-Final: Eliot Pallot (chair), Nick Zervoudis
NAMDA Novice Cup Final: Ed Mancey (chair), Maxine Muirhead, Rachel Warren, Holly Moorhouse, George Bainbridge, Eliot Pallot
Birmingham Schools Final: Ed Mancey (CA), David Wolffe
UK Debate Challenge Semi-Final: Maxine Muirhead
Cambridge IV ESL Final: James Wood
Warwick Schools Novice Final: Rachel Warren, Toby O’Brien
Warwick Schools Final: Ed Mancey (Chair), Ryan Wilkinson, Aparna Chandrasekar, Rhys Walker
Bristol Pro-Am Final: Roberto Sarrionandia (Chair, CA), James Wood
KCL IV Semi-Final: Rachel Warren
KCL IV Final: Mateen Qadri
Birmingham IV Semi-Final: Holly Moorhouse
Nottingham Trent Semi-Final: Holly Moorhouse
Lancaster IV Final: Ed Mancey (CA)
York IV Final: James Wood
Warwick IV Semi-Final: Nick Zervoudis, James Wood, Roberto Sarrionandia
Reading No-Notes Open Final: George Bainbridge
Scottish Mace Semi-Final and Grand Final: Maxine Muirhead
LSE Open Quarter-Final: Owen Chan, Maxine Muirhead
LSE Open ESL Final: Sian Bedford
LSE Open ESL Semi-Final: Nick Zervoudis
Manchester IV Novice Final: Nick Zervoudis
Nottingham Schools Novice Final: Roberto Sarrionandia (chair), Ed Mancey
UCL IV Semi-Final: Mateen Qadri
UCL IV Final: George Bainbridge, Sarah McConaghy
Liverpool IV Novice Final: Sian Bedford (Chair), Lamia Loukil
Exeter Open Final: James Wood (CA)
Durham Schools Quarter-Final: Nick Zervoudis
Kent IV Final: Nick Zervoudis
Durham Open Semi-Final: Rachel Warren
Imperial Random Pro-Am Open Final: Eliot Pallot
NCH Literature Open Final: Rachel Warren
Imperial IV Semi-Final: Roberto Sarrionandia
Imperial IV Sian Bedford (clashed)
Ljubljana IV Semi-Final: Nick Zervoudis
Zagreb EUDC Semi-Final: Roberto Sarrionandia

Competitions won:

Lancaster IV (James Wood/Roberto Sarrionandia)
Reading No-Notes Open (Ed Mancey/Eliot Pallot)
Aberystwyth No-Notes Invitational (Ed Mancey/Ollie NewlanC)
NCH Sci-Fi Open (Ed Mancey/Eliot Pallot)
NCH Literature Open (Roberto Sarrionandia/Tom WalkerC)


Speaking breaks:

Cambridge IV Quarter -Finalists (Richard Hopps/Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan)
NAMDA Novice Cup semi-finalists (Millie Pierce/Alex Kurchin)
UK Debate Challenge finalists (Richard Hopps/Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan)
Bristol IV semi-finalists (Akash Sharma/Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan)
Bristol IV semi-finalists (Elena Karvounis/Akash Mukerji)
Birmingham IV finalists (Richard Hopps/Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan)
Nottingham Trent IV semi-finalists (Richard Hopps/Aparna Chandrasekar)
Cardiff IV finalists (Ed ManceyT/Karolien MichielsC)
LSE Open quarter-finalists (Richard Hopps/Andrew FordA)
Nottingham Open finalists (Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan/Harish NatarajanC)
UCL IV semi-finalists (Ed Mancey/Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan)
Royal Holloway Open finalists (Ed Mancey/Richard Hopps)
Kent IV semi-finalists (Toby O’Brien/Eliot Pallot)
Kent IV finalists (Holly Moorhouse/Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan)
Aberystwyth No-Notes Invitational (Eliot Pallot/Ollie NewlanC)
Durham Open semi-finalists (Nick Zervoudis/James WattC)
Patras Open semi-finalists (Nick Zervoudis/Mariela TiliakouC)
SOAS Open finalists (Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan/Andrew FordA)
Manchester EUDC quarter-finalists (Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan/Richard Hopps)

Judging breaks:

UCL President’s Cup Semi-Final and Final: Richard Hopps (SF chair)
SOAS IV ESL Semi-Final: Ed Mancey, Duncan Mitchell
NAMDA Novice Cup Semi-Final:Chloe Honeyborne
Warwick Schools Final: Ed Mancey, Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan
Warwick Schools Novice Final: Eliot Pallot
Bristol IV Semi-Final and Final: Richard Hopps (CA, SF chair)
Bristol IV Semi-Final: Rachel Meehan
Nottingham Trent IV Semi-Final: Eliot Pallot
Nottingham Trent IV Final: George Kimberley
Warwick IV Semi-Final: Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan, Akash Sharma
Warwick IV Final: Ed Mancey, Eliot Pallot
Bristol Schools Final: Richard Hopps (Chair)
Nottingham Schools A-Final: Ed Mancey, Aparna Chandrasekar
Nottingham Schools B-Final: Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan (Chair), Nick Zervoudis
Manchester IV quarter-Final: Holly Moorhouse
Nottingham Open Novice Final: Ed Mancey
Nottingham Open Semi-Final: Richard Hopps (DCA, chair)
UCL IV Final: Richard Hopps, Eliot Pallot
Exeter Open Final: Nick Zervoudis, Rachel Warren
Kent IV Final: Ed Mancey (DCA)
Aberystwyth Open Final: Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan (CA, chair), Holly Moorhouse

Competitions Won:

Cardiff IV (Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan/Eliot Pallot)
NAMDA Novice Cup (Connor Woodman/George Bainbridge)


Speaking Breaks:

Sheffield IV semi-finalists (Andrew Ford/Ed Mancey)
Bristol IV finalists (Andrew Ford/Richard Hopps)
Nottingham Trent IV finalists (Andrew Ford/Imogen ParkesC)
Oxford Women’s Open finalists (Caitlin Tan/Min-Kyung Chung)
York IV finalists (Richard Hopps/Akash Sharma)
Manchester IV semi-finalists (Andrew Ford/Richard Hopps)
Nottingham Open semi-finalists (Ed Mancey/Duncan Mitchell)
Nottingham Open semi-finalists (Richard Hopps/Imogen ParkesC)
Nottingham Open finalists (Andrew Ford/Stefano ImbrianoC)
Reading Open finalists (Richard Hopps/James WoodC)
Exeter Open semi-finalists (Richard Hopps/Kyalo Burt-FulcherA)
York Open finalists (Nasreen Nazir/Gareth WilliamsA)
Belgrade EUDC quarter-finalists (Andrew Ford/Richard Hopps)

Judging Breaks:

NAMDA Novice Cup Semi-Final: Richard Hopps, Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan, Akash Sharma, Ed Mancey
NAMDA Novice Cup Final: Jonny Sherwood, Andrew Ford
Birmingham Schools Final: Richard Hopps
Warwick Schools Novice Final: Akash Sharma
Birmingham IV Semi-Final and Final: Jonny Sherwood
Warwick IV Semi-Final: Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan, Andrew Ford, Min-Kyung Chung, Jules Langdon
Warwick IV Final: Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan, Richard Hopps
Manchester IV ESL Semi-Final(chair) and ESL Final: Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan
Nottingham Schools Novice Final: Ed Mancey
UCL IV Semi-Final and Final: Richard Hopps (DCA, Semi-Finalchair), Andrew Ford
Reading Open Final: Andrew Ford
Exeter Open Semi-Final and Final: Andrew Ford (DCA, Semi-Finalchair), Sian Bedford
Bristol Open Final: Andrew Ford
Newcastle Mixed Doubles Final: Andrew Ford

Competitions Won:

Exeter Open (Min-Kyung Chung/Gareth WilliamsA)
Nottingham Trent IV (Akash Sharma/Gareth WilliamsA)
York IV (Andrew Ford/Steven Ramesh RajavinothanT)


Speaking Breaks:

SOAS IV quarter-finalists (Gareth Williams/Ed Jones)
Lancaster IV finalists (Isabelle Lee/Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan)
Sheffield IV semi-finalists (Gareth Williams/Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan)
Bristol IV semi-finalists (Gareth Williams/Ed Jones)
Nottingham Trent semi-finalists (Andrew Ford/Imogen ParkesC)
York IV finalists (Andrew Ford/Richard Hopps)
Cardiff IV finalists (Andrew Ford/Gareth Williams)
Aberystwyth Open finalists (Gareth Williams/David JonesC)
Galway EUDC quarter-finalists (Richard Hopps/Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan)

Judging Breaks:

NAMDA Novice Cup Semi-Final: Richard Hopps, Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan, Akash Sharma, Ed Mancey
NAMDA Novice Cup Final: Jonny Sherwood, Andrew Ford
Birmingham Schools Final: Richard Hopps
Warwick Schools Novice Final: Akash Sharma
Birmingham IV Semi-Final and Final: Jonny Sherwood
Warwick IV Semi-Final: Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan, Andrew Ford, Min-Kyung Chung, Jules Langdon
Warwick IV Final: Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan, Richard Hopps
Manchester IV ESL Semi-Final(chair) and ESL Final: Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan
Nottingham Schools Novice Final: Ed Mancey
UCL IV Semi-Final and Final: Richard Hopps (DCA, Semi-Finalchair), Andrew Ford
Reading Open Final: Andrew Ford
Exeter Open Semi-Final and Final: Andrew Ford (DCA, Semi-Finalchair), Sian Bedford
Bristol Open Final: Andrew Ford
Newcastle Mixed Doubles Final: Andrew Ford


Speaking Breaks:

NAMDA Novice Cup finalists (Richard Hopps/Patrick White)
Lancaster IV finalists (Dan Smith/Kyalo Burt-Fulcher)
York IV finalists (Dan Smith/Gareth Williams)
Leeds IV finalists (Dan Smith/Gareth Williams)
Leeds IV semi-finalists (Kyalo Burt-Fulcher/Jonny Sherwood)
Manchester IV semi-finalists (Gareth Williams/Jonny Sherwood)
Reading Open finalists (Dan Smith/Claire SchofieldC)
Glamorgan Open finalists (Andrew Ford/Richard Hopps)
Cardiff IV finalists (Kyalo Burt-Fulcher/Mel Pope)
Cardiff IV semi-finalists (Gareth Williams/Jonny Sherwood)
Oxford Women’s Open finalists (Mel Pope/Rosie UnwinC)
Birmingham Harry Potter Open finalists (Kyalo Burt-Fulcher/Andrew Ford)

Judging Breaks:

Warwick IV Semi-Final: Kyalo Burt-Fulcher, Rachael Crook
Warwick IV Semi-Final and Final: Dan Smith, Mel Pope
Reading Open Final: Mel Pope
Manchester IV Semi-Final: Andrew Ford
Glamorgan Open Final: Gareth Williams
Cardiff IV ESL Final: Dan Smith
York Open Final: Mel Pope (DCA)
Birmingham Harry Potter Open Final: Dan Smith

Competitions Won:

York Open (Dan Smith/Jonny Sherwood)
Glamorgan Open (Dan Smith/Matt SzetoC)