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Warwick Debating Society is one of the country’s most active and successful debating societies, giving Warwick students the chance to learn about public speaking, persuasion and current affairs as well as an opportunity to travel and compete across the UK and the world.

As a society, we debate everything worth talking about in the world today, and travel both nationally and internationally to tournaments. We regularly reach semi-finals and finals of national competitions, and are three-times European quarterfinalists.

For only £3.50, our members get access to our weekly newsletter and other emails about competitions, events, socials as well as a massive subsidy to attend competitions around the country and in Europe.

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Training Sessions

Whether you’re a seasoned debater or you’re new to it, we have a range of training sessions to suit your needs. We hold two training sessions every week covering debating rules and strategy as well as relevant and informative topics that come up during competitions. These could be anything from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to economic policy in developing countries.


Having trained you, we will send you to regular debating competitions across the UK to practice your new skills. New debaters can choose to be paired with one of our more seasoned debaters to help you navigate the debating circuit and quickly improve your skills. You can also try out for Team Warwick and represent the University in the European or World Debating Championships

Public Debates

If you get tired of your own voice or just need a small break from being in front of the judges, then you can sit back and enjoy one of our public debates. These debates are always very high-profile and cover a very diverse range of topics – from international relations to Page 3 news issues, religion and economics. Some of the notable speakers we’ve had include Alan Duncan (Minister of State for International Development), Natalie Bennett (leader of the Green Party) and Jeremy Wright (Attorney General of England and Wales).

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Warwick Debating Union

Be sure to check out the Warwick Debating Union. They organise public forum debates to help you better understand the complex issues of the world around us:

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Committed to accessibility

Here at WDS we are committed to ensuring that debating is just as accessible to everyone which is why we work with the SU to heavily subsidise the costs that our debaters might incur. We never want the price of debating to be something which prevents anyone from joining and we are proud to be one of the most inclusive debating societies in the country.

Our commitment to members means that we fund them to attend competitions by subsidising 100% of their registration fee and 1/3 of their train ticket cost. For example, attending  the Nottingham Open will put you back only £10, not £65 – that is almost 19 times the membership fee!

I debate for the love of learning. I can't help but want to know more about the world in a way that I can explain.
History & Politics
I debate for the opportunity to travel the country and discover cities in the UK that I might have otherwise not been able to go to.
Liberal Arts
I debate because debating teaches me how to structure my thoughts and construct effective arguments. This really helps with my essay writing!

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